Monkey Shakes With Fear in Blood-Stained Box — Handler Admits Big Cats Caged 24 Hours a Day—FOR WEEKS!

Wenn Tiere gequält werden geschieht nichts durch Zufall. Wenn etwas geschieht, kann man sich sicher sein, dass es so geplant ist.

[Name the Reptilians hide behind, hence all the Human Sacrifice. The Aztecs believed that Quetzalcoatl created war to provide food and drink to the gods. Michael Harner, in his 1997 article The Enigma of Aztec Sacrifice, estimates the number of persons sacrificed in central Mexico in the 15th century as high as 250,000 per year. This gives credence to the theory BAAL is the singular name for the negative Reptilians.
Baal is a Judeo-Christian demon. In the Masonic Royal Arch Degree ritual (13th degree in the Scottish Rite) the sacred god of Freemasonry is revealed as Jah-Bal-On or Jahbuhlun. BUL = Baal, so the world is run by BAAL worshipers, as Mass Murder Inc proves.
Temples to BAAL are Slaughterhouses/abattoirs/meat works, and a side sacrifice are the 300 million sacrificed in the name of Corporate medical ‚research‘ known as Vivisection. Then we have the yearly cow sacrifice for TB, one of the side benefits of Corporate factory farming of dairy cows, rather popular in England under the pretext of disease control, then there was BSE, CJD (Corporate pesticides), & Foot and mouth (FMD). slaughter, cattle shot under your nose and then burnt.
Corporate medicine (Allopathy) is the leading cause of human death with 780,000 iatrogenic deaths in the USA every year, and child death and disease with vaccination (666). The AIDS scam is designed for that aim, see Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport. BAAL would be behind the depopulation agenda and other poisonings and killings. The Reptilian entity behind Big Brother, aka Eye of Sauron. Allergic to Orgonite. Loves DOR and all negative emotions.
One of BAAL’s main defences is Atheism, if there is no God then it follows there is no Devil, which suits him fine.]
Moloch was always associated with the Bull God. Why? The Bull God has ALWAYS been associated with „Ba’al“. In fact, in HEbrew there are no „vowels“ so it’s really just the same word..“B’l“..means BULL!

Sie hieß Europa; der Stier war Zeus. Er trug sie fort mit sich ins Meer und brachte sie nach Kreta. Dort vergewaltigte er sie.
DaS Tier ist der Baal MOLOCH.

MolochDiener müssen
Tiere quälen und grausam, leidvoll (Schächten) schlachten zu Ehren MOLOCHs.


PPI Investigation

Monkey Shaking With Fear in Blood-Stained Box Shows Why Tests on Animals Need to Stop

At a laboratory supplier funded in part by taxpayer money, monkeys languished with painful head wounds and others were so stressed that they pulled their own hair out. This must stop.

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Happy Mother’s Day (to the Purrfect Mom)

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